Inspired innovators

Six completely different individuals decided to come together as a group and form a project  called  Transcycle. We six individuals saw that there was a need in their local communities and decided to create furniture out of recycled materials, hence the project name Transcycle.

We would use anything from pallets, wood, plastic containers, empty tins, usable glass, etc. We sat for weeks contemplating what kind of furniture would they want to create whether it be household items(small or large), school benches and tables or simple just fun enjoyable creations for pre schoolers. We finally came up with the idea of just doing everything they possibly could.

We started small just creating household items from the recycled materials such as lamps, chairs and coffee tables and slowly we are creating more and more products.

For us this is the start of something that we hope to see blossom in the near future.

Please watch this space for any latest blog post by myself or any of the Transcycle team.

“Value trash, it could turn into cash”

-Team Transcycle

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